Caley Skye Hanse is a passionate photographer and world traveler. Hanse has traveled to five continents and 26 countries most of them with her camera by her side. Hanse grew up in a family of artists and creative thinkers. Her mother and brother were talented photographers.

Hanse has always been creative but did not find her love for photography until she attended Eckerd College. Hanse began taking photos for Eckerd's student newspaper the Current. Hanse was lucky to have found photography in this way because it made her realize that tell a story in a visual way could have the powder to inform people of vital information and even change the world. It was though her studies at Eckerd that Hanse realized her hunger to capture stories that educated people on environmental and social issues. 

Hanse has Dyslexia and other language based learning disabilities. Hanse chooses everyday to she this as strength as it makes her a better creative thinker, overall artist and human being.