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Caley Skye Hanse is a passionate photographer and world traveler. Hanse has traveled to five continents and 26 countries most of them with her camera by her side. Hanse grew up in a family of artists and creative thinkers.  

Hanse has always been creative but did not find her love for photography until she attended Eckerd College. Hanse began taking photos for Eckerd's student newspaper the Current.  Hanse is thankful that she found photography in this way because it allowed her to cover a variety of topics, events and issues that taught her how to capture each one in the most compelling and effective way. 


So far Hanse has had the opportunity to photograph in the areas of landscape, portraiture, travel, sportswear, fashion, event and concert photography. She has participated in several professional photography workshops over her career that have helped sharpen her skills and make her both a more intellectual and creative photographer. 

Hanse has language based learning disabilities. Hanse chooses every day to see this as a strength, as it makes her a better creative thinker and human being. 

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